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Suicide Prevention or Awareness Ribbon Colors

Royal Purple
Teal Swarovksi Crystal

Suicide Awareness colors are Teal and Purple
The purple and teal Suicide Prevention colors symbolize suicide awareness and prevention and serves as a reminder that suicide is an issue we need to talk about.
Suicide Prevention colors are Yellow

CBB-R22 Gallery of Bracelets

You can pick any design on our website and customize it with Teal & Purple or Yellow - or all 3 colors, if you want. Here are two of our designs. It is shown with add-ons... Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention Necklace
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Suicide prevention and awareness In Memory of Leigh - Big Sis Charm

CBBRibbon 25

(shown with add-on IN MEMORY bead and BIG SIS charm)
TEAL and PURPLE symbolize Suicide Awareness. You can also get this in YELLOW for Suicide Prevention