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Cancer Awareness Jewelry by Leigha - Survivor, Hope, Courage and In-Memory (TM) trademark
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Cancer Survivors
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Lymphoma, Leukemia Awareness Bracelet
Celiac Disease Jewelry
Light Green Ribbon Bracelets and Necklaces

A Light Green Ribbon Bracelet symbolizes Celiac Disease, Lymphoma & Leukemia Awareness.

The designer bracelets, necklaces and earrings I designed and created are intended to provide inspiration, hope and strength to people with celiac disease and lymphoma patients, past and present, and to their family and friends. Feel free to contact us with any questions (828) 391-1258.

August Peridot Birthstone Crystals
st Peridot Birthstone Crystals
st Peridot Birthstone Crystals
Light Green Crystal Ribbon Jewelry can also symbolize celiac disease, leukemia and lymphoma

We have over 40 different designs, styles and options of Leukemia, Celiac Disease & Lymphoma jewelry... There are a few shown below ... Click here to see all awareness bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

More color options:
Swarovski Crystal Colors

Lymphoma SURVIVOR  Ribbon Bracelet with Ribbon Charm and Open Heart charm
Message Bracelet CBBR28
Lymphoma and Leukemia SURVIVOR Ribbon Bracelet with HEART charm
This bracelet is shown with an add-on SURVIVOR bead and an OPEN HEART CHARM.

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Lymphoma Ribbon Bracelet with Ribbon Charm
Message Bracelet CBBR48
Lymphoma and Leukemia Ribbon Bracelet

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Green Ribbon Charm Bracelet for Cancer Survivors
Message Bracelet CBBR49
Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness Bracelet

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Faith Hope and Love Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Bracelets
Message Bracelet CBBR21
Leukemia Awareness Bracelet
Lymphoma Cancer Awareness Bracelet - shown with options...

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Lymphoma Bracelet
Lymphoma Cancer Bracelet

This bracelet is shown with light green crystals signifying Lymphoma.
It is also shown with a lobster claw clasp.
The puffed heart charm shown is optional.

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Celiac Disease Ribbon Bracelet

CBBRibbon 31 (shown with light green crystals for Celiac Disease)
This bracelet comes with 2 charms; ribbon and crystal dangle.
Shown with a toggle clasp.

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multi color cancer bracelet

Multi Colored Awareness Bracelet

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Breast Cancer Bracelets (TM)
Cancer Survivor Bracelets (TM)

email: missleigha@yahoo.com
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Tel: 615-490-2177

*Perfect fit & Quality Guarantee... I send all in-stock items out the next business day with just a few exceptions (see shipping page for postal holidays and exceptions ). Items must be paid with credit card (E-check can take up to 10 days to process). During holidays lead time increases. Each piece is individually and custom made by Designs by Leigha(TM) and may not contain the exact beads or clasp shown in the photograph, but probably will :) Most of my bracelet designs may have up to 9 alphabet block letters per string. There are some exceptions to that rule... Additional letters per string; .925 sterling silver $3.00/ea & 14k gold-plated $4.00/ea. Because of the fluctuating silver and gold markets prices are subject to change without notice. Our Swarovski crystal designs are not intended for the creation of children's jewelry nor intended for use by children under the age of thirteen. **Free Shipping is for all orders placed online, going to an US address and over $20.

Cancer Awareness Bracelets™
Cancer Survivor Bracelets™
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets™
Breast Cancer Survivor Bracelets™
Jewelry for Survivor, Co-Survivors, Friends, Support Team, Wives, Moms, Daughters, Aunts and Grandmas

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