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We have a few of our designs under each color below. We have almost all colors available for ALL of our designs. Pick a favorite design and if you color isn't available just let me know and I will get it for you.

Swarovski & Gemstone Color Options

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Color Options

Garnet January Round Swarovski Garnet January Round Swarovski January Garnet
Dark Red symbolizes brain aneurysm, headaches, hemangioma, myelomas, adults with disabilities awareness and support, amyloidosis...
February Swarovski Amethyst Round Swarovski Crystal February Swarovski
Lavender Crystal Ribbon Jewelry also symbolizes pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, domestic violence, Alzheimer's disease, religious tolerance, animal abuse, Crohn's disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, lupus, leimyosarcoma, and Fibromyalgia.
Aquarmarine represents all March birthdays.
Clear, White & Pearls Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes lung cancer, violence against women, peace, right to life, bone cancer, and retinal blastoma.
Dark Green Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes depression and mental health awareness, the environment, kidney cancer, liver cancer, tissue/organ donation, homeopathy...
June - Amethyst Birthstone Crystal June - Amethyst Birthstone Crystal June - Amethyst Birthstone Crystal
Violet Crystal Ribbon Jewelry is the color that represents all cancers or general cancer awareness.
July Ruby, Red July Ruby, Red July Ruby, Red
Red Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes can symbolize AIDS and HIV, heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, MADD, DARE and more...
August Peridot Birthstone Crystals st Peridot Birthstone Crystals st Peridot Birthstone Crystals
Light Green Crystal Ribbon Jewelry can also symbolize celiac disease, leukemia and lymphoma
Dark Blue Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes colon cancer and can also symbolize child abuse, tuberous sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis awareness, addition recovery and more...
Pink Crystal Ribbon Jewelry is most commonly associated with breast cancer awareness.
Orange Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, and self-injury awareness
Light Blue Crystal Ribbon Jewelry and light blue ribbon charms symbolize childhood cancers, prostate cancers, pro-choice and more...


Yellow Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes military support, MIA/POW, suicide prevention, adoptive parents, bladder cancer (can also be yellow, blue and purple - see below), spina bifida, endometriosis and bone cancer. Yellow is also a symbol of Hope. ..
Black represents melonoma
Teal Teal Teal
Teal Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes ovarian cancer.


Grey Grey Grey
Grey Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symobolizes Brain Cancer Awareness but it can also symbolize psychiatric illnesses, diabetes and asthma and more...
Purple Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizesa pluthera of things...
Peach Crystal Ribbon Jewelry symbolizes ovarian cancer, cervical cancer , and uterine cancers, poly cystic ovarian syndrome...


Bladder Cancer can be either all yellow or the
Suicide prevention is yellow and suicide awareness is purple and teal. We can put 1 or all 3 colors on any of our designs.

Autism Awareness has a few options...
1. blue, green, yellow, orange and red
blue green, red and yellow
3. Dark blue, teal/green, red and yellow

Swarovski & Gemstone Color Options

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Color Options

Black Ribbon Bracelets
Blue Ribbon Bracelets
Clear Ribbon Bracelets
Dark Green Ribbon Bracelets
Dark Red Ribbon Bracelets
Dark Blue Ribbon Bracelets
Grey Ribbon Bracelets
Lavender Ribbon Bracelets
Light Blue Ribbon Bracelets
Light Green Ribbon Bracelets
Light Purple Ribbon Bracelets
Orange Ribbon Bracelets
Peach Ribbon Bracelets
Pink Ribbon Bracelets
Purple Ribbon Bracelets
Red Ribbon Bracelets
Topaz Ribbon Bracelets
Teal Ribbon Bracelets
Yellow Ribbon Bracelets

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